Dr. Richard K. Spruill - Associate Professor
Office Graham 205
Phone 252-328-4399
Ph.D. University of North Carolina (1980)
M.S. East Carolina University (1976)
B.S. East Carolina University (1973)
Dr. Spruill may be reached via Email : spruillr@ecu.edu

Current Professional and Research Interests

The Coastal Plain Province of North Carolina is a hydrogeologist's paradise. The complex aquifer systems which underlie the region are utilized extensively by municipalities, industries, agriculture and individuals: hydrogeologic problems abound. My research efforts are centered on, but are not confined to, the province and my emphasis is on collection and interpretation of field data. Computer models are used as tools to evaluate and represent field data. The ultimate goal of these research efforts is to develop management criteria for safe and effective utilization of the aquifers in the face of ever increasing demand for water resources.

 Current research projects involve determination of aquifer parameters and recharge areas for the Castle Hayne Aquifer System, design/implementation/evaluation of high-capacity well fields for municipal water supplies, and development of new strategies for well head protection based on hydrologic analysis of movement of groundwater within and between aquifers.

 Graduate students are working on a wide variety of hydrogeologic problems such as: 1) resource evaluation and development of the Castle Hayne Aquifer System in Onslow county, 2) development of well head protection plan for the City of Washington well field, and 3) evaluation and resource utilization options for water resources affected by salt water encroachment in the NC coastal environment. Graduate students continue to play a vital role in publication of our research efforts as indicated by student coauthors of recent publications.


Selected Publications

Spruill, R.K., and Reynolds, J.W., 1992, Hydrogeology and Groundwater Management Activities at the Lee Creek Mine at Texasgulf, Inc.: The Compass, v. 70, no. 1, p. 36-44.

 Reynolds, J.W. and Spruill, RK., 1995, Groundwater Flow Simulation for Management of a Regulated Aquifer System: A Case Study in the North Carolina Coastal Plain: Journal of Groundwater, v. 33, no. 5, p. 741-748.