Dr. Catherine A. Rigsby - Professor


Graham 203



Clastic Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Quaternary Geology, Geoarchaeology, and Applied Coastal Geology




University of California, Santa Cruz (1989)

Louisiana State University (1982)

Lamar University (1978)



Dr. Rigsby may be reached via Email : rigsbyc@ecu.edu

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Current Professional and Scholarly Interests

My research is in the broad field of Quaternary environments.  My students and I typically do extensive field work (or core analysis) involving fluvial sedimentology, paleoclimatology, land-use studies, and geoarcheology.  Examples of recent projects include the following:

Selected Publications (* denotes student co-author) (Rigsby's complete vita)

Latrubesse, E. M., Cozzuol, M. A. , Ferreira de Silva, S. A. , Rigsby, C. A. , and Absy, M. L, 2010,  The Late Miocene Paleogeography of the Amazon Basin.   Earth Science Reviews, doi:10.1016/j.earsci.  


Craig, N., Aldenderfer, M., Baker, P., and Rigsby, C., 2010, Terminal Archaic Settlement Pattern and Land Cover Change in the Rio Illave, Southwestern Lake Titicaca Basin, Peru,  In, R. Dean (Ed.) The Archaeology of Anthropogenic Environments, (pp. 35-53). University of Southern Illinois, Carbondale:  Center for Archaeological Investigations (Occasional Paper No. 37).  


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