Dr. Donald W. Neal - Associate Professor
Office Graham 310
Phone 252-328-4392
Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Petrology
Ph.D. West Virginia University (1979)
M.S. Eastern Kentucky University (1975)
B.S. College of William and Mary (1973)


Dr. Neal may be reached via Email : neald@ecu.edu  

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Current Professional and Scholarly Interests

My research interests are in various aspects of stratigraphy, sedimentary petrology, and the geology of fossil fuel energy resources. Collectively, they may be included under the broad heading of basin analysis. The focus of my current research is the integration of surface and subsurface stratigraphic and petrologic development of the Central Appalachian Basin. Specific areas of ongoing and future research include: (1) stratigraphy and geologic history of Upper Mississippian clastic sequence in the Central Appalachian Basin; (2) Carboniferous paleoclimates; (3) changing provenance of siliciclastic sediments in the Central Appalachian Basin; and (4) the geology of sandstone petroleum reservoirs in the Central Appalachian Basin, (5) mixed carbonate-siliciclastic 'limestones' in the Central Appalachian Basin.


Selected Publications

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Neal, Donald, 1998. Stratigraphic Framework of Basin-Center Gas Production,
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