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Contact Information
Richard L. Miller, Professor
East Carolina University
131 Flanagan
Greenville, NC 27858-4353
Phone: (252) 328-9372
Fax: (328) 480-4264


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Introduction to Oceanography
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Data Analysis
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Remote Sensing of Coastal Environments


Research Interests
My general research interests are centered on the role that estuaries and coastal margins play in global biogeochemical cycles. Specifically, I am interested in determining whether coastal margins, especially river-dominated coastal margins, are short or long-term repositories of carbon and terrestrially-derived materials such as nutrients, sediments, and particle-bound contaminants.

I am interested in terrestrial inputs (especially sediments and sediment-bound contaminants) to the ocean (via rivers), and the influence that these inputs have on regional-to-global conditions. Specific research questions are: (a) how are riverine materials sequestered and/or biogeochemically transformed in the land margins adjacent to rivers; (b) how do the resultant inputs to the ocean impact global biogeochemical cycles; and 3) what are the major consequences of human impacts on local-to-regional scale coastal waters.

I develop innovative remote sensing technologies that support coastal research. These technologies include remote sensing, and field and laboratory bio-optical instruments. These new technologies help investigators apply remote sensing to coastal environments in order to support basic science, applied research, and operational measurements.

Research in Coastal Processes; Material Transport, Transformation & Fate; Bio-optics & Remote Sensing