Dr. David Mallinson - Associate Professor
Office Graham 301c
Phone 252-328-1344
Marine Geology
Ph.D. University of South Florida (1995)
M.S. East Carolina University (1988)
B.S. East Carolina University (1984)


Dr. Mallinson may be reached via Email :

Current Professional and Scholarly Interests

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Current Research

Selected Publications

Mallinson, D., Burdette, K., Mahan, S., Brook, G. (2008). Optically Stimulated Luminescence Age Controls on late Pleistocene and Holocene Coastal Lithosomes:  North Carolina, USA.  Quaternary Research 69, 97-109.

Hine, A.C., Jarrett, B., Locker, S., Mallinson, D., Naar, D., Donahue, B., (2008).  Coral Reefs, Present and Past, on the West Florida Shelf and Platform Margin.  In, Coral Reefs of the USA: Special Symposium Volume for the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium.

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Mallinson, D., Flower, B., Hine, A., Brooks, G., Garza, R., 2003, Paleoclimate implications of high latitude precession-scale mineralogic fluctuations during early Oligocene Antarctic glaciation:  The Great Australian Bight record.  Global and Planetary Change, 39:257-269.

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