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Dr. Stephen J. Culver - Professor & Department Chairperson
Office Graham 101
Phone 252-328-6360
D.Sc. University of Wales (1997)
Ph.D. University of Wales (1976)
B.S. University of Wales (1973)


Dr. Culver may be reached via Email :

Current Professional and Scholarly Interests

My research interests include the ecology, paleoecology, biogeography and paleobiogeography of benthic foraminifera, and the use of foraminiferal data to reconstruct past climates and environments. My research is currently located in the South China Sea, coastal Malaysia and coastal North Carolina.

Research Websites

Paleoclimate of Southeast Asia

NC CHaNGE: Coastal Hydrodynamic and Natural Geological Evolution


Selected Publications

Parham, P.R., Riggs, S.R., Culver, S.J. and Mallinson, D.J., Rink, W.J., Wehmiller, J.F., Burdette, K. 2013. Quaternary coastal lithofacies, sequence development and stratigraphy in a passive margin setting, North Carolina and Virginia, USA. Sedimentology.60, 503-547.


Kemp, A.C., Engelhart, S.E., Culver, S.J., Nelson, A., Briggs, R., Haeussler, P.J., 2013. Modern salt-marsh and tidal flat foraminifera from Sitkinak and Simeonof  islands, Alaska. Journal of Foraminiferal Research, 43: 88-98.


Culver, S.J., Leorri, E., Corbett, D.R., Mallinson, D.J., Shazili, N.A.M., Rouf, A.A., Nasir, M., Parham, P.R., Rosnan, Y. 2013. Infaunal mangrove swamp foraminifera in the Setiu wetland, Terengganu, Malaysia. Journal of Foraminiferal Research 43: 262-279.


Peek, K.L., Mallinson, D.J., Culver, S.J., and Mahan, S. 2013.Holocene geologic development of the Cape Hatteras region, Outer Banks, NC, USA. Journal of Coastal Research.


Farrell, K.M., Harris, W.B., Mallinson, D.J., Culver, S.J., Riggs, S.R., Moore, J., Self-Trail, J., Lautier, J., 2013. Logging for interpreting process-generated stratigraphic sequences and aquifer/reservoir potential: with analog shelf to shoreface examples from the Atlantic Coastal Plain Province, USA .Journal of Sedimentary Research, 83, 723-745.


Grand Pre, C., Horton, B.P., Kelsey, H., Rubin, C., Hawkes, A., Daryono, M., Rosenberg, G., Culver, S.J., 2012. Stratigraphic evidence for an early Holocene earthquake in Aceh, Indonesia. Quaternary Science Reviews, 54, 142-151.


Culver, S.J., Mallinson, D.J., Corbett, D.R., Leorri, E., Rouf, A.A., Shazili, N.A.M., Yaacob, R., Whittaker,  J.E., Buzas, M.A. and Parham, P.R. 2012. Distribution of Foraminifera in the Setiu estuary and lagoon, Malaysia. Journal of Foraminiferal Research, 42, 109-133.


Farrell, K.M., Harris, W.B., Mallinson, D.J., Culver, S.J., Riggs, S.R., Pierson, J.,  Self-Trail, J., Lautier, J., 2012. Standardizing texture and facies codes for a process-based classification of clastic sediment and rock. Journal of Sedimentary Research, 82, 364-378.


Culver, S.J., Camp, R., Walsh, J.P., Hayward, B.W., Corbett, D.R., Alexander, C. 2012.Distribution of foraminiferaof the Poverty margin, New Zealand: implications for sediment transport. Journal of Foraminiferal Research.42, 305-326.


Kemp, A.C., Buzas, M.A., Horton, B.P. and Culver, S.J. 2011. Influence of patchiness on modern salt-marsh foraminifera used in sea-level studies (North Carolina, USA). Journal of Foraminiferal Research, 41, 114-123.


Culver, S.J., Farrell, K., Mallinson, D.J., Willard, D.A., Horton, B.P., Riggs, S.R., Thieler, E.R., Wehmiller, J.F.,  Parham, P., Snyder, S.W., and Hillier, C. 2011. Micropaleontologic record of Quaternary paleoenvironments in the central Albemarle Embayment, North Carolina, U.S.A.  Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology,  Palaeoecology, 305, 227-249.


Mallinson, D.J., Smith, C.W., Mahan, S., Culver, S.J., and McDowell, K. 2011. Barrier island response to late Holocene climate events, North Carolina, USA.. Quaternary Research, 76, 46-57.


Snedden, J.W., Tillman, R.W. and Culver, S.J. 2011. Analysis and reevaluation of a mid-shelf, storm-built sand ridge, New Jersey continental shelf, USA. Journal of Sedimentary Research, 81, 534-552.


Parham, P.R., Riggs, S.R., Culver, S.J. and Mallinson, D.J., Peteet, D. 2011. Astronomical tidal regime change as a control on the Holocene development of an organic-rich coastal zone, North Carolina, USA. Southeastern Geology, 48, 51-72.


Grand Pre, C., Culver, S.J., Corbett, D.R., Farrell, K.M., Mallinson, D., Horton, B.P.,  Hillier, C., Riggs, S.R., Snyder, S.W., Buzas, M.A. 2011. Rapid Holocene coastal change revealed by high resolution micropaleontological analysis, Pamlico Sound, North Carolina, U.S.A. Quaternary Research, 76, 319-334.


Riggs, S.R., Ames, D.V., Culver, S.J., Mallinson, D.J., 2011. The Battle for North Carolina’s Coast: Evolutionary History, Present Crisis, and Vision for the Future. University of  North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, NC, 138 p.