Dr. Michael O'Driscoll - Associate Professor , Director - Graduate Certificate in Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology


 Graham 204



Surface Water-Ground Water Interactions, Human Impacts on Water Resources

Ph.D. in Forest Hydrology

 Pennsylvania State University (2004)

M.S. in Geosciences

 Pennsylvania State University (2000)

Masters in Environmental Pollution Control

 Pennsylvania State University (1999)

B.S. in Geology

 University of Connecticut (1996)

Current  Interests: Ground-water exchange has significant effects on the physical hydrology, chemistry, and ecology of lake, river, and wetland systems. An improved understanding of their connections and exchanges can improve water resources management and policy. Eastern North Carolina is blessed with an abundance of rivers, wetlands, and aquifers and is an ideal location to study surface water and groundwater hydrology! Below are some of the research topics I am currently involved with. Much of our recent work focuses on human impacts on water resources. We are always looking for interested students that don't mind getting their feet wet!  If you are interested please contact me at: odriscollm@ecu.edu . A more detailed summary of past and recent works can be found here: C.V.  I teach numerous courses in hydrology and environmental geology, including portions of our summer Field Camp in New Mexico and Colorado and have participated in the ReachUp program for science outreach.  If you are interested in the Graduate Certificate in Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology, please contact me or visit our website: http://www.ecu.edu/geology/hydrogeology_certificate_webpage%20update.htm




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