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The Field Course Tuition and Fees for the 2016 North Carolina Summer Geology Field Course are $4200 and are the same no matter whether a student is a resident or non-resident of North Carolina.  The $4200 Field Course Tuition and Fees include the cost for the tuition for the 6-semester hour credit course, Geology 4000, and the cost of all meals, camping and dorm rooms, transportation, instructional materials, equipment usage, and entrance fees into parks and monuments for the duration of Field Course.


For students, who are not currently enrolled at East Carolina University, a one-time, nonrefundable $70 Application Fee will be charged to EACH student when he/she applies to be admitted to East Carolina University as a Visiting Summer Student.


Meal costs during the van trip out and back to New Mexico are NOT covered.  Also, not provided are personal expenses, such as laundry (we do supply the detergent), beverages (except those provided with meals), personal toiletry items, prescription medicines, and other personal items.


For instructions on "how to apply," please click here.  For specific instructions on how, when (deadlines), and where to pay the $4200 Geology Field Course Tuition and Fees Payment and the $70 Application Fee for visiting, non-ECU students at the Division of Continuing Studies at East Carolina University, please click here .


      Please click here for detailed instructions for the Full Payment Schedule of the 2016 Geology Field Course Tuition and Fees ($4200) or please call Ms. Renae Williams or one of her co-workers at 252-328-9329 or 252-328-9215 or 252-328-9213 for instructions on how and where to make the remaining $3800 Geology Field Course Tuition and Fees Payment of due by April 15, 2016 (First Half due by March 18th and second half due by April 15th)