Engl 3410: Sample Student Essays

Below you'll find links to sample student essays on poetry from Engl 3410, Fall 2002. Their formatting has been slightly altered for computer screen readability; be sure to follow the format on the guidelines handout instead of copying these essays. 

NEW: Blythe Pistol's essay examines the poetic techniques of Donald Justice's poem "A Winter Ode to the Old Men of Lummus Park, Miami, Florida."

NEW: Sharon Nassef's essay explicates by stanzas Elizabeth Bishop's poem "One Art."

NEW: Justin Gibbons's essay examines the poetic use of sound in Jean Toomer's poem "Reapers."

Blythe Pistol's essay analyzes the structure and theme of Elizabeth Bishop's poem "One Art."

Justin Gibbons's essay analyzes the "withheld images" of Edwin Arlington Robinson's "The Mill."

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