Appreciating Literature
Section 008, 6:30-9:30 M, Bate 2021, Spring 2006

Professor: Luke Whisnant
Office: Erwin 113; phone: 328-6783
Hours: 2:00-4:00 and 5:30-6:30 M & W
E-mail: WhisnantL@ecu.edu
Class website: core.ecu.edu/engl/whisnantl/1000


This class is designed to meet GC humanities requirements; it’s a basic class in reading, analyzing, enjoying, and appreciating imaginative literary texts. We’ll take a genre-based approach, and read some of the best poems, stories, and plays published in English in the past four centuries.


Robert DiYanni. Literature: Approaches to Fiction, Poetry, & Drama. McGraw-Hill, 2004.


As you might expect, contemporary literature often deals with contemporary issues. If you are easily offended by sex, drugs, blasphemy, obscenity, bigotry, deviant lifestyles, racial or ethnic slurs, or other such aspects of American life after the millennium, I respectfully suggest you try another class.


As this is an introductory class, there will be no formal essays. Instead your grade will be based on simple reading quizzes (multiple choice; 60%), three major “genre tests” (short answer and identification; 30% total), and a take-home exam (10%).


Come to class. This class meets only 14 times. You're allowed two unexcused absences. Three or more absences will reduce your final grade by one letter grade; after five absences, you will fail the class no matter how good your grades are.

Class starts promptly at 6:30 PM, usually with a reading quiz. We cannot delay our discussion to wait for latecomers to finish the quiz. Be here on time.

Please do not eat in this classroom (drinks, quietly sipped, are fine).


Jan 09 Welcome to the class; policies & procedures; the three genres
Jan 16 Martin Luther King Jr Holiday; no class
Jan 23 Text: “Canon & Curriculum” (1575-79); Part One: Fiction (pp 19-71).

to be continued . . .