<2008 Conference>

- Bill Isler's summary of TALGS 2008 is now available in the Spring 2008 Edition of the Carolina TESOL Newsletter
- Elizabeth Howland's interview of Walt Wolfram is now available in The Common Reader, Volume 26, Number 4.

We've begun planning for the 2008 TALGS Conference to be held February 16th at ECU from 9:00am-6:00pm.

<2007 Conference>

The conference program has been posted.

We've entered into the initial planning stages of TALGS 2007. Please visit the conference website for more information.


Please have a look at Bill Isler's article about the 2006 conference at ESL Miniconference.

<2006 Conference>

This conference has been archived and pictures from the conference are posted here. We'd also like to thank everyone who attended TALGS for making this year's conference informative, interactive, and enjoyable. We hope y'all had a great time, and we look forward to seeing you again next year. Have a great year!

A preliminary program has been posted to the website. You can view it here

The time and location of Dr. Cahnmann's pre-conference presentation has been set for Friday, February 17th, at 3:30pm in Bate Building, room 1026. A reception will follow. More infomation is available on our conference page. Also, alternative accommodations have been established if the Days Inn fills up. Please visit our accommodations page for more information.

We're pleased to announce that the Days Inn in Greenville has agreed to offer conference participants rooms at a discounted rate. For more information, please visit our accommodations page. We've also received word that teachers will receive CEU's (Continuing Education Units) for attending TALGS.

Dr. Cahnmann has agreed to give two talks while visiting ECU. On Friday, February 17th, she will present Me defiendo en inglÚs -- Defending Oneself and Holding One's Own: The Study and Use of Metaphor To Understand Bilingualism and Bilingual Education, and during the conference, she will offer the plenary workshop entitled Rehearsing the Revolution: Using "Theater of the Oppressed" to address Identity, and Power in Language Education. Times and locations for both her talk and workshop will be forthcoming.

Dr. Cahnmann has announced the topic of her talk: "Me defiendo en inglÚs -- Defending Oneself and Holding One's Own: The Study and Use of Metaphor To Understand Bilingualism and Bilingual Education". Please visit our conference page for more information.

We're delighted that Dr. Melisa Cahnmann has agreed to be our plenary speaker. We'll keep you updated on Dr. Cahnmann's talk as we work out the details.

The 2006 Conference will be held Saturday, February 18th, 2006 in Greenville, NC at East Carolina University's Bate Building. Mark your calenders for next year's conference.

<2005 Conference>

The proposal submission period has closed. The program will available online by Sunday evening (February 6th). We have also updated a more specific description of Dr. Bayley's talk. You can view that here.We would also like inform you of another talk by Dr. Bayley while he is joining us in Greenville at ECU on Friday, February 18th. Below is an abstract.

Spanish Dialect Contact in South Texas: Subject Personal Pronoun Use by Puerto Ricans in San Antonio
Bate 1026
3:30-4:30 p
This study examines variable subject personal pronoun (SPP) use in the Spanish of Puerto Ricans in San Antonio, Texas. Multivariate analysis of approximately 4,600 SPPs as Mexican-background Texans suggests that Puerto Ricans in San Antonio are maintaining their linguistic distinctiveness. However, results also show that speakers with predominantly Mexican social networks are accommodating to the local norm. This study compares the results for these speakers with results from Mexican-background speakers and explores the implications for studies of Spanish dialect contact in U.S. Latino communities.

PROPOSAL DEADLINE EXTENSION: Because we have received a lot of proposals in the past couple days, we're extending the proposal deadline to January 26th. There are only a few spaces left.

We have sent out proposal acceptance letters to our first round of proposal submitters. There are still presentation slots available though. Remember, the deadline for proposal submission is January 19th. Also, here is a flyer for the conference. We'd appreciate it if you would print it out and stick it places where interested parties might see it. Also, if you'd be interested in helping out with the conference, please contact us at

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Robert Bayley of the University of Texas at San Antonio has agreed to be the plenary speaker for the 2005 TALGS Conference.

Conference preparations are moving along well. We are currently accepting proposals and registrations for the 2005 conference. Please visit our registration and proposal pages for more information.

New 2005 TALGS Spring Conference website is launched.

Planning for the 2005 Conference has begun. If anyone is interested in volunteering please visit the contact us page.

<2004 Conference>

Students attending the conference for class credit should download the Certification for Class Credit Form and bring it to the conference. You need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in order to view/download the document. You can get it for free here.

We've just figured out which lot the university wants us to use for the conference. Please click here for a map. Parking in other lots is subject to ticketing. You can also visit the directions section of the conference page for a brief directions to this lot.

We've just updated the conference webpage. Updates include the conference program, and a link to our recommended hotel. We will provide a complementary shuttle to and from the conference if you stay at this hotel. Also, if you'd like to share a room with someone else who's attending the conference, please post a message to our discussion board.

Because many of you indicated that you needed a bit more time to prepare your proposals for the conference, we've decided to extend the conference proposal date to Monday February 2nd. Please consider submitting a proposal. Presenting at the conference will allow you to share your work with you peers and will give you the opportunity to get feedback on your presentation which will serve to strengthen your argument.

The deadline for conference proposals is quickly approaching. Please take moment and visit the conference page if you'd like to submit a proposal. If you have any questions, please visit the contact us page. The deadline for proposals is January 21st.

TALGS is pleased to announce that we have received notice that Dr. Jack Chambers from the University of Toronto has agreed to speak at our Spring conference. Please visit our conference page for more information.

TALGS and Carolina TESOL are sponsering a conference at East Carolina University on Saturday, February 21st, 2003. We encourage you to submit a proposal for this conference. It will be limited to grad students, so everyone there will be in the same boat as you. We want it to be a low pressure, introductory experience for conference presentations. If you've never had the experience of presenting at a professional conference, this conference will provide you with a more laid back approach to conferencing. More information about the conference is available on our conference page.