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Introductions and course overview

What is this course about? If public policy is not a familiar topic for you, and if you wonder how technical and professional communication function in making public policy, readings in week 1 will be especially helpful. They provide basic background information.

What will we do? The course overview explains the objectives and summarizes the activity of the course.

Who's involved? Introduce yourselves to let us know who's here. Tell us what experiences or interests (job-related, academic program-related, or other) you bring to the course.

Week 1 (1/7)

- In Discussion, introduce yourself and specify experience or interest that brings you to the course (100 words, by 5 pm 1/10)

- Do assigned readings (see Schedule)

- In Discussion, respond to the readings as follows:

  • Apply your understanding of "Public Policy Making" to "Military presses to exempt millions of acres from environmental laws." Identify components of the policy process shown in the article. Who are the players? How does each player define the problem? How do the varied problem definitions conflict or agree? (100 words, by 5 pm 1/12)
  • Apply your understanding of "Communication in the Process" to "Military presses" and to "Both sides armed with science and studies in conflict over health risks." From among the players you identifed for the previous question, select the one that interests you most (for whatever reason). What kind of information does that player generate? What communication genres does that player use? How does the player's role determine his/her communication options? (100 words, by 5 pm 1/12)

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