John Derricke's Image of Irelande (1581) and early
modern Ireland: a symposium

Tuesday-Wednesday, May 17-18, 2016
Case Western Reserve University and John Carroll University, Cleveland, Ohio

Room Locations TBA


Tuesday, May 17
Afternoon (Case Western Reserve):

Evening (John Carroll):
Conference reception
Plenary talk

Wednesday, May 18
(Case Western Reserve)
Closing dinner (location TBA)

We invite you to join us for "John Derricke's Image of Irelande (1581) and early modern Ireland," a two-day, multidisciplinary colloquium of seminar papers and discussion focused on Derricke's remarkable and highly controversial work. Early modern Irish studies are gaining in popularity, and yet no scholarly collection of essays has been dedicated to Derricke's book. Derricke's famous prints, which garner the most attention, are understudied, and his long, multi-part poem is rarely read or discussed at length.

The colloquium is organized by a loosely affiliated group of literature and history scholars with connections to the Cleveland area who have a keen interest in early modern Ireland and Derricke's work.

Participants include Vincent Carey, Rolf Loeber, Susannah Monta, Aidan O'Sullivan, James Lyttleton, William O'Neil, Stuart Kinsella, Colmán Ó Clabaigh, Andie Silva, Tom Cartelli, Brandie Siegfried, Brian Lockey, Susan Oldrieve, Jean Feerick, and the organizers.

Please come join us in Cleveland!

Sincerely, the Organizing Committee:
Thomas Herron (East Carolina University),
Denna Iammarino (Case Western Reserve University),
Valerie McGowan-Doyle (Lorain County Community College/John Carroll University),
Maryclaire Moroney (John Carroll University),

This conference was made possible through generous funding from the Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities, CWRU

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John Carroll University
Department of English, Case Western Reserve University
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