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Department Syllabuses and Support Texts
  ENGL 1100 Syllabus with Commentary(Fall 2011)
  ENGL 1100 Syllabus-no commentary(Fall 2011)
  ENGL 1100 Weekly Schedule (Fall 2011)
  ENGL 1200 Syllabus Spring 2012 NO commentary
  ENGL 1200 Syllabus Spring 2012 WITH commentary
  ENGL 1200 Weekly Schedule for Spring 2012
  Slobodanka Dimova's Notes on ESL writers in the Composition Classroom
  Composition Instructors' Meeting Slideshow WITH 1200 Assessment Results(Fall 2011)
  Academic Integrity Policy Fall 2011 Overview(Fall 2011)

  1100 Reflective Writing Rubric
  1100 Writing to Respond Portfolio Rubric
  1100 Informative Article Rubric
  1100 Writing to Analyze Rubric
  1100 Writing to Persuade Rubric
  1100 Final Portfolio Rubric
  1100 Evaluative Writing Rubric
  1200 Annotated Bibliography Rubric
  1200 Issue Investigation Rubric
  1200 Writing Practices Report Rubric
  1200 Proposal Letter Rubric
 1200 Working in the Past Article Rubric
 1200 Final Portfolio Rubric

Class Downloads
  Using Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism Quiz
  Avoiding Plagiarism PPT
  Interviewing Process, Question Criteria, Sample Questions for Critique
  Sites of Similarity and Difference
  Artifact example--Medicine
  Artifact example--Music/Audio Engineering
  Artifact Group Handout
  Journal of Inebriety Article
  Will Banks's Portfolios Handout
  Collecting Artifacts
  Oral Presentation Guidelines
  Pirate Papers Cover Sheet
  Peer Review Procedures
  Types of Journals
  Evaluating Web Sites

Materials from Professional Development Workshops
  PPT from Workshop on Ethnic Studies in English 1200 (Gera Miles and Carla Pastor)

Other Resources 
Plagiarism/Academic Honesty Violation Procedures Flowchart
Joyner Library
Library Research Guide
English 1200 Keats Sparrow Award (Guidelines)
English 1200 Keats Sparrow Award (Winning Essays)
Joyner Library North Carolina Collection
First-Year Writing Studio



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