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E. A. Markham was born in Montserrat in 1939 but has lived in Britain since 1956. Active in theater and in literature, he is currently professor of creative writing at Sheffield Hallam University, edits the magazine Sheffield Thursday, and directs the biennial Hallam Literature Festival. His most recent book of poems is Misapprehensions (Anvil, 1995), and of stories, Taking the Drawing-Room through Customs (Peepal Tree Press, 1997). His latest non-fiction work is A Papua New Guinea Sojourn: More Pleasures of Exile! (1997).



  • Chapter One: Coderington Herstory Mother & Son Nearing Sixty Towards the End of a Century

Short Stories

  • "Madeleine Miss Joyce and Bobcat Preacherman"
  • HINTERLAND: Caribbean Poetry From the West Indies and Britain (Reviewed by S. B. Jones-Hendrickson) 
  • "Misapprehensions" (Reviewed by Howard A. Fergus) 
  • "Marking Time" (Reviewed by Bruce King) 
  • "A Papua New Guinea Sojourn" (Reviewed by Roland B. Scott)
  • Ten Stories (Reviewed by Jessica D. Thorpe)

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