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James was born into an educated family in Tunapuna, in colonial Trinidad in 1901. At the age of nine, James earned a scholarship to Queen's Royal College in Port of Spain, Trinidad, and graduated in 1918. He taught English and history at that college and later taught at the Government Training College for Teachers. During this time he met Alfred Mendes, who with James led an informal group of young intellectuals. James began writing and developing his political and literary ideas with this group. In 1927 his short story "La Divina Pastora" was published by the British Saturday Review of Literature, a significant achievement for both James and Caribbean literature. "La Divina Pastora," in which a cocoa worker pleads with her patron saint for help with her romantic life, was notable for its clear portrayal of the rural poor.

  • Beyond a Boundary (1963)
  • Minty Alley (1936)

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