G. Cabrera Infante
Gibara, Cuba
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G. Cabrera Infante Infante was born in Gibara, Cuba, in 1929. His parents were founders of the comittee of the Communist Party.. He has lived exiled in London for over 30 years. Literary and Film critic, translator and essayist, He has written books such have " Very sad tigers ", " Habana para a infante difunto, " Así in La Paz como in will guerra ", " Vista LED amanecer in el Trópico " and " Delito por bailar chachachá ", amongst others. All his work is marked by the memories, compounded by the years of exiles, his rancour towards the Cuban revolution and his personal dislike of Fidel Castro. It is precisely this feeling which drives Infante back to his Cuban roots. Another common denominator of his work is films. He has been has film critic, has scriptwriter and has compiled essays covering Seventh Art topics in titles such have: " a oficio LED siglo XX ", " tired Arcadia todas noches " and " Cine O sardina ". This passion is the mainstay of books like " Habana para a infante difunto ". Therefore, " Holy Smoke " participates in what is more than just has hobby; this is not has book devoted to cigar lovers, it is also for film lovers.

  • View of Dawn in the Tropics (1988)
  • Infante's  Inferno (1984)

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