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What is Blackboard? Blackboard is a course delivery system that allows ECU professors to deliver course material via the Internet. Blackboard is a "shell" that the faculty load with information related to the topic they teach. Review the " About Blackboard" link to the right.

Why do I have to use ECU Exchange Email client? ECU only supports the Exchange software package. Also, ECU support will know if the e-mail system is having technical problems.

What should I as a student do first?

Search for course using Blackboard Gateways

  1. Blackboard Gateway -search for your Blackboard course using this site. Type your class prefix ( Example; nurs2515 or edtc7120) in the search box. Click on search results. After clicking on the course name you will be prompted with a Username and Password window. See below information on what your username and password will be. You can also look up your class in the catagories area. Here are the directions for this. Go to the Blackboard Gateway list above. Click on "Course Listing by Semester" / Click the " Spring 2000 Populated" link. This will list ever Summer 2000 Blackboard course that has been created. Click on your particular course and you will again be prompted with the Username and Password window.
  2. Nursing Gateway - this is the link to the Nursing Bb server. ANAT 5011 is housed on this server along with many Nursing classes.


  1. ECU Exchange - Find out your ECU Exchange email account. The "UserID" that is shown in your information is your Blackboard Username. Password is going to be the last 6 digits of your SS#. Remember, Blackboard requires that you use ECU Exchange.
  2. Check Exchange Mail - check your ECU Exchange mail. If you are not sure of your username and password call 252-328-6866 for help.
  3. *****Email your professor as soon as possible letting them know if you have any questions about Blackboard or how the course is going to be taught.
  4. Review the Bb tutorial sites listed below. Look inside the Blackboard class listed below.
  5. Review the Blackboard Username/Password information.
  6. Review the ECU Exchange Client information listed below.


  • Username and Password - as a student of ECU your username and password are always going to be the following:
    • Username : this is always going to be your ECU Exchange ID which can be located here. Examples: mcl1001, dac0512d1, sm0219.********* The "UserID" that is shown in your information is your Blackboard Username. Password is going to be the last 6 digits of your SS#.
    • Password : this is always going to be the last 6 digits of your SS#. Example: 662028

  • ECU Exchange E-mail Address - look up your ECU Exchange e-mail address. Exchange email is the only email program allowed to be used within Blackboard.
  • View Exchange E-mail - click to view your Exchange E-mail
  • ECU Exchange Tutorial
  • Software Downloads - Bb has minimal requirements for both Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator. Click link to download most recent version of these 2 browsers if you think that your browser version is outdated. If you have any questions about how to check your browser version please call 328-6866.
      • Netscape - 3.0
      • Internet Explorer - 3.01
  • Look up Professors E-mail Address / Phone Number
  • Campus Operator Call 252-328-6131. If a faculty does not have his/her number listed in the above link call the operator for this information.
  • Bb Tutorials
  • View a Blackboard Class - view what a Blackboard course looks like. Use "guest" for both the User Name and Password.
  • Blackboard Tech Help - call 328-6866 ECU Tech Help Line.

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May 15, 2000