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Carl Twarog
Jenkins room 202
skype: twarog61

Office Hours
Office hours are are held via Blackboard > Communication > Collaboration > Office Hours. The schedule for office hours in any given semester is posted on the class website accessible via blackboard for the course. All other inquiries should be made to the email address above or skype.

Art 3070 – Beginning Interactive Multimedia Syllabus

Required Text

Macromedia Flash Professional 8 Beyond the Basics
Author: Shane Rebenschied
ISBN 10: 0321293878 2005

Semester: 14 Weeks

weeks 1 - 4 • Flash Overview/Project 1: Natural Process Piece
• Review of Scripting Fundamentals
• Optimizing Media in Fireworks and Flash
weeks 5 - 6 • Animating more efficiently: Project 2: Animation Project
weeks 7-11 • Intermediate Scripting in Flash/Project 3: Interactive Exhibit
• Intro to Advanced Scripting
weeks 12 - 14 • Review of Dreamweaver/Project 4: Personal Website
  • Optimizing various media for the web: video, flash, imagery
  • Review of Cascading Style Sheets
  • Project 4 Final
exam • Final CD-Rom due on Exam Day

Materials Required

Sketch Paper
Colored Markers including 3 line weights of Black
CD-Rs or CD-RWs
Access to iTunes software for viewing Video Podcasts of Demos

Most demonstrations of technique will be broadcast via video podcast available on the web. Anyone lacking the internet connection speed to allow for downloading of the podcasts will be able to receive a cd or dvd with all the podcasts on it for transfer to iTunes.


Projects are 20 % Each = 80% of final grade
Quizzes = 10%
Compilation CD = 10%


The university policy on attendance will be followed for this course. It can be found at: section W

The class will allow 3 unexcused absences per semester with a 5-point deduction in the final grade for each unexcused absence after 3 are used. No cuts are allowed crit days.

Grading and Evaluations

You are responsible for having all projects and assignments completed at the start of class on due dates. Failure to be in class with project and assignments on the due date will result in a letter grade deduction for each class meeting after the due date.

Grading Scale
A    93    100
B    85    92
C    77    84
D    70    76
F     69    and below

East Carolina University seeks to comply fully with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Students requesting accommodations based on a disability must be registered with the Department for Disability Support Services located in Slay 138 (252) 737-1016 (Voice/TTY).


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