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Carl Twarog
Jenkins room 202
skype: twarog61

Office Hours
Office hours are are held via Blackboard > Communication > Collaboration > Office Hours. The schedule for office hours in any given semester is posted on the class website accessible via blackboard for the course. All other inquiries should be made to the email address above or skype.

Art 2070 – Animation/Interaction Design Survey Syllabus
(This course is offered online only, in fall, spring, and one summer session)

Required Text

The Web Collection Revealed:
Macromedia Dreamweaver 8, Flash 8, and Fireworks 8, Deluxe Education Edition

Authors: James Shuman, Sherry Bishop, Barbara Waxer
ISBN:1-4188-4307-5 2006

Recommended Text (available online, once released)

Foundation Flash 3.0 for Designers
Authors: Tom Green
ISBN:1-59059-861-X 2007

This text covers the current software available both from Adobe and also in the Jenkins Computer Labs. The exercises in the book are not required but the book is an excellent reference for anyone having issues with using the new version of the software.

Semester: 14 Weeks

weeks 1 - 9 • Drawing with Vectors and Pixels /Anim Project 1
• Animating in 2D Space / Project 1: Animation
• Capturing and Digitizing Imagery, Video, Audio
  • Animation for Web Banners / Project 2: Web Banners
  • Project 3: Animations for Sonic Plaza
weeks 10 - 12 • Optimizing Media/Intro. to Fireworks
• Comping a website in Fireworks
• User Interactivity, Metaphors, User Based Systems
• Non-Linear Interactivity / Project 4: Web Site Mock Up
weeks 13 - 14 • Overview of Dreamweaver/Project 5: Personal Website
  • Incorporating various media into the web: video, flash, imagery
  • Cascading Style Sheets
  • Final CD-Rom due

Materials Required
Computer with Internet Connection
Adobe web collection, available at student purchase or as free trial for 30 days per package.
iTunes software (free download) for viewing Video Podcasts of Demos

To start the course and periodically throughout the course, we will meet via Centra software or Blackboard discussion. Your projects and sketches will be posted in the digital dropbox or to the web on your server space.

Most demonstrations of technique will be broadcast via video podcast available on the web. Anyone lacking the internet connection speed to allow for downloading of the podcasts will be able to receive a cd or dvd with all the podcasts on it for transfer to iTunes.

This course will require you to have a copy of the Adobe web collection software. Adobe offers 30 day free trials of the software products for review, available for download from Adobe.

• The Three Projects are 25 % of your final grade each and include a participation grade for crits
• The Two Exercises are 7.5% each and include a participation grade for crits
• Quizzes = 10%
• Compilation CD = Failure to turn in a Compilation CD will lower your final grade by one full letter grade.

The university policy on attendance will be followed for this course. It can be found at: section W

Critique of your colleagues work in Blackboard Discussion Forums is mandatory. Participation is tracked and recorded on Blackboard. On these forums you are expected to comment specifically on what is successful and what could be improved. Offering suggestions, options and reasons for successful and unsuccessful portions of your colleagues work will raise your participation grade. Ratification or confirmation that is devoid of reason will lower your participation grade. All due dates for posting of work are listed on the course calendar. The due date means by midnight on the date listed. Late postings will carry a grade reduction.

Grading and Evaluations
Crits will take place online at the time posted on the due date. You are responsible for posting projects to the web on time. Failure to have projects and assignments posted on time on the due date will result in a letter grade deduction for each class meeting after the due date.

Grading Scale        
A    93    100
B    85    92
C    77    84
D    70    76
F     69    and below

East Carolina University seeks to comply fully with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Students requesting accommodations based on a disability must be registered with the Department for Disability Support Services located in Slay 138 (252) 737-1016 (Voice/TTY).


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