ART3850: Art in the Elementary School (for non-art majors)



Course Description

From Catalog- (3 credits) Education philosophy, methodology, media, and techniques for elementary school classes. Prerequisite: Junior standing.


Course Objectives

Students will:


Course Format

As an online course, students will utilize several methods of distance learning. Primarily, this course is driven by studio projects that students will complete on their own and submit via a course website and/or snail mail. This course will also rely on “read and discuss” techniques, by which students will apply concepts from the text to relevant issues of visual art. Discussion will occur asyncronously (anytime, anyplace) through the Discussion Board of the course website on BlackBoard.


Required Materials

Text- Emphasis Art: A Qualitative Art Program for Elementary and Middle Schools, 8th ed., 2006, by Frank Wachowiak and Robert Clements.