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About - California Sunday Magazine  (2/4/16): feature with new interview quotations from DC: https://story.californiasunday.com/daniel-clowes-patience

About - Enola (2/1/16): Interview in Dutch
About - Publisher's Weekly (2/2/16): feature with new interview quotations from DC

This site is 15 years old today.

Translations - Patience [Éditions Cornélius-2016]: French edition, forthcoming 9/2016
Forthcoming - San Diego Comic-Con (7/2016): DC will be a Special Guest
Forthcoming - SPX (9/2016): DC will be a Special Guest at the Bethesda MD comics festival
Forthcoming - Patience book tour, Feb-March 2016: see here for dates

Translations - Patience [Scratch-2016]: Netherlands edition, released 1/2016, before US version 
Translations - Patience [Reprodukt-2016]: German edition, forthcoming
Translations - Patience [BAO-2016]: Italian edition, forthcoming

About - Clowes's statement on withdrawing from consideration for the Grand Prix at the 2016 Angoulême Comics Festival
Translations - Patience [Jonathan Cape-2016]: UK edition, forthcoming  


Translations - Patience [Aben Maler-2015]: Danish edition released 12/2015, before US version 

About - Previews (January 2016): Diamond Distributor catalog features short interview with DC on Patience

Translations - I'm in the process of updating this section, though lots of info is missing, especially publication years.
Forthcoming - Wilson movie (TBA - perhaps Summer 2016)

Forthcoming - Wilson (Spr. 2016): paperback with new cover

Exhibitions - Society of Illustrators NYC (9/7-11/7/2015): Batman Black and White - DC (one page) and other artists

About - a 1995 interview, published for the first time at The Comics Journal.
Illustrations on Paper - Comic Arts Brooklyn 2015: DC poster featuring art from Patience with new logo and lettering

Collections -
The Complete Eightball, #1-18 (6/2015): also available in limited-edition (250) signed and numbered version

About - Entertainment Weekly (5/29-6/5/15): in print magazine only


Stories in Non-DC Titles - Drivel (2014) and LitHub (7/10/15): Professor Eatanoff (And His Guidebook of Proper Procedure for Flesheaters) [1984]

About - Omnivoracious/Amazon.com (6/26/15):

About - Chicago Tribune (6/25/15):

Stories in Non-DC Titles - Drawn & Quarterly 25 Years (5/2015): Wilson in Day 16412 (two-page color strip from The New Yorker (3/15/10) that does not appear in Wilson)
About - Nerdist (6/5/15):

About - Irish Times (6/3/15): feature with interview quotations

About - LA Times (5/27/15): feature with interview quotations


About - Vulture  (5/27/15): interview
About - Guardian (5/28/15): interview

About - Boing Boing (5/12/15):

About - The Millions (5/7/15):

About - New York Times ArtsBeat Blog (5/5/15):

About - Univ. of Chicago (4/2015): in
notes to their collection of Clowes's material, DC describes his process.

About - The N
ew Yorker (4/21/15): interview
About - The Stranger (4/15/15): interview

- The Chicago Warby Parker store will feature some DC art

- The Complete Eightball, Issues 1-18 (Special Edition) (c. May 2015): s&n (ed. 250) with giclée print and two bookplate prints (5 1/2" x 7"). 

About -
Vice (1/30/2015): feature with extensive quotations from DC
Translations - Wilson, Japanese translation from Presspop
Forthcoming - The Complete Eightball, Issues 1-18 (new release date: May 16, 2015): two-volume slip-cover set


Forthcoming - The Complete Eightball, Issues 1-18 (new release date: April 1, 2015): two-volume slip-cover set

About  - Kaboom: Magazine de Bande Dessinée 3 (Nov. 2013-Jan2014): Interview with DC in French

Prose - Eye of the Cartoonist program - this fold-out color program contains DC's brief comments on 21 artists he selected for this Wexner Center for the Arts show (5/17-8/3/13)

About - Columbus Monthly (5/2/14): interview - http://www.columbusmonthly.com/content/blogs/the-latest/2014/05/daniel-clowes.html
About - Columbus Alive (5/15/14):  interview - http://www.columbusalive.com/content/stories/2014/05/15/exhibit-preview-daniel-clowes-on-his-influences-and-first-visit-to-the-billy-ireland.html
About - Outside the Box (4/2014): interview
Exhibitions - Wexner Center for the Arts (5/17-8/3/13): Modern Cartoonist: The Art of Daniel Clowes - solo museum show
Exhibitions - Wexner Center for the Arts (5/17-8/3/13): Eye of the Cartoonist - a comics history art show curated by DC

Forthcoming - Wexner Center for the Arts (5/17-8/3/13): Modern Cartoonist: The Art of Daniel Clowes - solo museum show
Forthcoming - Wexner Center for the Arts (5/17-8/3/13): Eye of the Cartoonist - a comics history art show curated by DC

This site's 13th anniversary

Illustrations - Lucky Peach 9 (12/2013): DC logo/title lettering
Illustrations - Presspop T-shirt (9/2013): cover of Japanese translation of The Death-Ray
Translations -
Der Todesstrahl (TDR) [Reprodukt-2013]: German translation of The Death-Ray
Material About - Cotton Candy (9/11/13): Interview
Material About - The Chicagoan (12/2013): Interview http://thechicagoan.org/clowes-encounter/
Mini Comics - Rock and Love 1 (1992)
: with Leib, Laban, Ware, Prewitt
Translations - El Rayo Mortal (TDR) [Mondadori-2013]: Spanish translation
of The Death-Ray
Forthcoming - [this page has been cleaned up]


Material About - Neuvième Art 2.0: http://neuviemeart.citebd.org/spip.php?rubrique13 - French writing on DC

Exhibitions - Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (6/29–10/13/13): Modern Cartoonist: The Art of Daniel Clowes
                       Print set "Daniel Clowes MCA Prints Set" available signed at DanielClowes.com

Material About - Chicago Tribune (7/5/13): feature with interview quotations
Material About - Chicago Tribune  (7/2013): DC annotates some of the art that appears in his MCA Chicago show
Material About - Chicago Magazine (July 2013): DC annotates some of the art that appears in his MCA Chicago show
Material About - NothingMajor.com (6/23/13): interview
Illustrations - The New Bomb Turks: Tape Worm Blues (2013): cover uses old (early 1990s?), and (I think) unpublished DC illustration

The Comics Journal (6/24/13): Clowes remembers Fantagraphics publisher Kim Thompson.

Material About - Huffington Post (5/16/13): DC interview

Material About - Huck Magazine (4/22/13): DC quoted in this feature on D and Q


Exhibition - Pratt Gallery (11/30/12-1/19/13): Icons: A Celebration of Works by Pratt Alumni and Faculty: 1887-2012

Other Lives (4/2010): the front cover of this Peter Bagge graphic novel has a blurb by DC

Halloween mask a pdf for a make-your-own mask: http://danielclowes.blogspot.com/2012/10/halloween-post-part-2-immortal.html

The Art of Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist (3/2012)
Stories listed below are included in this monograph and have been added to this section.

Eightball from Eightball 9 (1992) [first page of this 2-page story is the original art]
Gross is Great
original art for 2-page story from Cracked 228 (7/87)
Laughing Matter
  original art for 1-page story from Cracked 218 (3/86)
Uggly Family
original art for 1-page story from Cracked 234 (3/88)
Color TV
comic strip from The Village Voice, 1991
Untitled strip
1/2-page strip with colored pencils  from The New Yorker (7/30/01)
Fuzzy Popeye 1
collaborative mini comic with Prewitt, Ware, Laban, Leib (1992)
Lousy Bitch 1
collaborative mini comic with Prewitt, Ware, Leib  (5/21/92)
Darlington Sundays
a 4-page story from McSweeney's 13 (5/04)
Ink Studs
1-page strip from Eightball 9 (1992)
Christian Astronauts large 1-page strip from McSweeney's 33, aka San Francisco Panorama (12.9.09)
Wilson in Day 16,412
 2-page strip from The New Yorker (3/15/10) [strip does not appear in Wilson]
Sawdust large 1-page story from Kramers Ergot 7 (2008) [reprinted here as 2 pages]
Jackson Pollock
1-page sketchbook strip (nd) [the only time it has appeared in print]
1-page sketchbook strip (nd, likely c.1991) [the only time it has appeared in print]
[The last 2 strips have been added to the uncollected section]

Peter Bagge's Other Stuff  (?): collection includes Life in These United States, scripted by Bagge and drawn by Clowes.
                            It first appeared in
Weirdo 25 (Summer 89) and was reprinted in  Lout Rampage! (10/91)        

* Interviews:
Elephant 10 (Spring 2012)
LA Times (4/4/12):
Publishers Weekly (4/10/12):
The Atlantic (4/19/12): (http://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2012/04/dan-clowes-author-of-ghost-world-has-one-rule-for-writing-dialogue/256097/
San Francisco Bay Guardian (5/7/12):
NPR Morning Edition (5/6/12): http://www.npr.org/2012/05/07/151859210/the-serious-comic-art-of-daniel-clowes
Artforum (5/09/12): http://artforum.com/words/id=30960
WBEZ (5/016/12): http://www.wbez.org/blogs/alison-cuddy/2012-05/cartoonist-daniel-clowes-returns-chicago-99182
KQED (5/30/12): http://www.kqed.org/a/forum/R201205301000
A.V. Club (5/30/12): http://www.avclub.com/articles/daniel-clowes,75653/
Guardian UK (7/20/12):
                                        [See http://danielclowes.blogspot.com/2012/07/bizarro-clowess-qa-with-guardian.html]
Boom (Summer 2012): http://www.boomcalifornia.com/2012/08/from-ghost-world-to-your-world/

Juxtapoz (8/2012)
Vice (8/2012): http://www.vice.com/en_ca/read/checking-in-with-clowes
Baltimore City Paper (9/11/12):
Rolling Stone (9/26/12): http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/news/q-a-comix-stars-daniel-clowes-chris-ware-and-gilbert-and-jaime-hernandez-20120926
New York Times Sunday Magazine (9/27/12): http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/30/magazine/great-moments-in-inspiration.html?_r=2&

     [Others can be found on YouTube]

* Features (with new interview quotations):
The New York Times (4/1/12): http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/01/arts/design/daniel-clowess-retrospective-at-the-oakland-museum.html?_r=0
MediaBistro (4/4/12): http://www.mediabistro.com/unbeige/clowes-up-oakland-museum-readies-daniel-clowes-retrospective_b20368
San Francisco Chronicle (4/21/12): http://www.sfgate.com/art/article/Daniel-Clowes-cartoons-drip-with-vengeful-satire-3498750.php
Houston Chronicle (5/10/12): http://www.chron.com/default/article/Daniel-Clowes-shows-outsider-artists-can-have-3550034.php

* Exhibition:
Oakland Museum of California  (4/16 - 8/12 2012 ): 'Modern Cartoonist: The Art of Daniel Clowes'  solo show, with Eightball 18 cover s&n print - ed. of 35  

* Illustrations:
Meltdown Comics (4/2012): set of 7 stickers
The New Yorker (6/4/12): cover, titled Crashing the Gates
Wanderlust (6/7/12): DC created logo and numerous illustrations for this Paris entertainment center; they appear on posters, pizza boxes, napkins, menus, tickets, etc . . .
Eightball 18 cover (9/2012): s&n ed. of 100 print produced by Clowes and  Pigeon Press - available with or without logo paste-up: see here

SPX (9/15/12): Print s&n ed. of 50 -  print includes self-portraits of DC, Chris Ware, Gilbert Hernandez, Jaime Hernandez

* Illustrations Not on Paper:
Chicago Hyde Park Village (6/2012): logo - Chpv.org
SPX (9/15/12): tote bag - with LVG panel
SPX (9/15/12): Eightball 18 cover print s&n
- ed. []  
Wanderlust (9/24/2012): temporary tattoo created by Tattyoo (tattyoo.com) for a brunch event at Wanderlust
Mr. Jones pins (2012): many colors and sizes

* Prose
Nancy Volume 1 (3/2012): introduction by DC   

About - Diablo magazine (4/2012): feature - http://www.diablomag.com/Diablo-Magazine/April-2012/Meet-Daniel-Clowes/
About - The Art of Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist (3/2012): 224 page full-color art book from Abrams with essays and interview

Illustrations - Big Bob Taylor: Wowsville (2012) [Crypt] 45 - uses the main illustration from the cover of Lloyd llewellyn #4, 1986
Translations - Wie ein samtener Handschuh in eisernen Fesseln (LVG) [Reprodukt-2011] - German PB with the Japanese PB cover
Translations -
Mister Wonderful [Editions Cornelius-2011]
Translations - De Ideale Man (MW) [Oog & Blik-2011]
Translations -
Ghost World: Edición Especial [Lacupula-2011]
Translations -
Comic Book O Novo Quadrinho Norte-Americano [Conrad-1999] - Brazilian PB collection includes DC's short story Caricature

The 11th anniversary of this site.



Online Features

11/11/1: http://www.thestar.com/news/article/1085803
10/24/11: http://torontoist.com/2011/10/ifoa-2011-daniel-clowes-and-the-merits-of-quietude/
10/20/11: http://www.nowtoronto.com/guides/ifoa/2011/story.cfm?content=183274
10/17/11: http://thevarsity.ca/articles/48505
10/14/11: http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/Daniel+Clowes+depicts+anomie+with+humour/5551871/story.html
10/5/11: http://www.dailycal.org/2011/10/05/with-great-force/
9/30/11: http://blogs.sfweekly.com/exhibitionist/2011/09/daniel_clowes_adrian_tomine.php

Online Interviews

12/29/11: http://bombsite.com/issues/1000/articles/6348
12/28/11: http://rookiemag.com/2011/12/an-interview-with-dan-clowes/
11/1/11: http://www.propellermag.com/Fall2011/Clowesfall11.html
10/26/11: http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/cultist/2011/10/dan_clowes_creator_of_ghost_wo.php

10/25/11: http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2011/10/dan_clowes_on_the_death_ray_re.html
10/23/11: http://www.nowtoronto.com/guides/ifoa/2011/story.cfm?content=183307
10/20/11: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/art/blog/2011/10/daniel-clowes.html
10/19/11 http://www.avclub.com/articles/dan-clowes,63645/
10/18/11: http://www.wnyc.org/shows/lopate/2011/oct/18/

10/18/11: http://www.metro.us/newyork/entertainment/article/993152--daniel-clowes-on-his-latest-graphic-novel-the-death-ray
10/15/11: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Clowes+gives+middle+graphic+edge+with+Death/5555565/story.html
10/12/11: http://lit.newcity.com/2011/10/12/out-of-this-world-dan-clowes-and-seth-find-common-ground-in-uncommon-places/
10/12/11: http://www.details.com/blogs/daily-details/2011/10/qa-daniel-clowes.html
10/11/11: http://oakpark.patch.com/articles/the-patch-interview-ghost-world-cartoonist-daniel-clowes

10/10/11: http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2011-10-10/entertainment/ct-ent-1011-daniel-clowes-seth-20111010_1_daniel-clowes-ghost-world-graphic-novels
10/10/11: http://www.metro.us/boston/entertainment/article/993152--daniel-clowes-on-his-latest-graphic-novel-the-death-ray
10/6/11: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=34756
10/3/11: http://io9.com/5846141/ghost-worlds-daniel-clowes-tells-us-about-the-death+ray-his-chain+smoking-teenage-superhero
9/28/11: http://flavorwire.com/214131/dan-clowes-talks-about-nerdy-superheros-911-and-spite-wars
9/16/11: http://maisonneuve.org/pressroom/article/2011/sep/16/web-exclusive-interview-daniel-clowes/

Illustrations - The New Yorker (12/5/11): cover

Books -
The Death-Ray

About - Wall Street Journal  (5/4/11): interview  

About - Wurzeltod (4/15/11): interview

Illustrations - Paul (3/2011): DC created the cover of a comic book 'Encounter Briefs # 23' that appears in the movie Paul.
Illustrations - Paul (3/2011): In the movie Paul, a character wears a T-shirt with the image and lettering from the cover of Eightball #23

About - Comic Book Resources (4/13/11): interview
About - The Comics Journal (4/13/11) interview
About - Stussy (3/2011): interview

Illustrations Not on Paper - Stussy T-shirt (3/2011): 'Monster'
Illustrations Not on Paper - Stussy T-shirt (3/2011): 'Space'
Illustrations Not on Paper - Stussy T-shirt (3/2011): 'Detective'

Books/Collections - Mister Wonderful (4/12/11):
      Format: HC - An expanded, revised, reformatted collection of a story that first serialized in the New York Times Sunday Magazine
      for twenty episodes in 2007 and 2008. The book version has new strips and panels have been redrawn - some text has been added
      and some eliminated, and some panels have been fully or partially re-colored. It also has new end pages and title pages.

Exhibition - Fumetto International Comics Festival, Lucerne, Switzerland (4/2011): Solo exhibition

Books/Collections - Ice Haven (1/18/11): paperback edition with new front + back cover and spine art
Illustrations - Shock Corridor  (1/18/11): cover and illustrations for Criterion DVD
Illustrations -The Naked Kiss (1/18/11): cover and illustrations for Criterion DVD
Illustrations Not on Paper - The Strand (5/10): DC image on a tote bag

About - Comics Reporter (1/9/11): Tom Spurgeon interviews DC


Forthcoming: Wilson movie.
Forthcoming - Shock Corridor and The Naked Kiss (1/18/11): cover and illustrations for two Criterion DVD releases

Forthcoming - Mister Wonderful (4/12/11): revised and reformatted collection from Pantheon
Forthcoming - Ice Haven (1/18/11): paperback edition with new cover art

For 28 interviews with DC from April - July 2010, see here.

Illustrations - GQ (8/10): full-page color illustration of Bill Murray.
About - Daniel Clowes: Conversations (July 2010): collects 14 interviews, plus a new interview I conducted.

About - Slanted and Enchanted (2009): includes quotations from an interview conducted with DC on 6.9.08
About - 27 interviews / features done to promote Wilson: see here.
Illustrations - Men of Mystery (6/90): zine cover is a photocopy of a 1989 convention sketch

About - The Believer (May 2010)

Books / Collections - Wilson (4/27/10)
Illustrations - Wilson [poster ] (4/21/10): two-sided promotional poster uses cover image, title, and a one-page excerpt from Wilson

Stories - The New Yorker (3/15/10): Wilson in Day 16,412 - a new 2-page story that does not appear in Wilson

Illustrations - The New Yorker (2/15/10): DC and Chris Ware, Adrian Tomine, and Ivan Brunetti draw covers.
Forthcoming - The Strand (5/10): DC image on a tote bag.
Minicomics -  NEWAVE! The Underground Mini Comix of the 1980s (2010): reprints DC collaboration Famous Pet 1

Illustrations - Wilson promotional image (2010) [from here] - appears in Wilson
Illustrations - Self-portrait (used on D&Q website and TCAF) (2010) - from Wilson
Stories - McSweeney's 33 aka San Francisco Panorama (12.9.09): The Christian Astronauts - full-page color strip
Illustrations - TCAF 2010 (1.15.10): DC poster art
Forthcoming - Daniel Clowes: Conversations (2010): edited by Ken Parille and Isaac Cates
Forthcoming - Daniel Clowes: Conversations (2010): collection includes a new, lengthy interview I conducted with DC


Illustrations - The New Yorker (10/12/09): DC cover (one of 3 covers)
Illustrations - The New Yorker (9/21/09): DC full-page color illustration

About - McSweeneys (2009): DC interview here. I'm not sure when this was conducted.

Forthcoming - McSweeney's 33 aka San Francisco Panorama (?): a full-page color strip

Illustrations - The New Yorker (6/8+15/09): DC cover
Translation - Ghost World [Epix-2002] Sweden
Translation -
Som en Sammetshandske Smidd i Järn (LVG) [Epix-2008] Sweden

Illustrations - The New Yorker (5/11/09): DC cover
About and Forthcoming - The New Yorker Blog (5/4/09): 'sneak peek' of forthcoming DC book
About - Found 6 (2008): reprints material found by DC and includes an interview about the items

About - Du9 (3/09): interview at

Stories - Cracked Collectors' Edition 74 (4/88): reprints Laughing Matter [A] - DC credited as Herk Abner

Stories - Cracked 218 (3/86): Laughing Matter [A] - DC credited as Herk Abner

About - Vice Magazine vol. 16 #2 (2/09): short interview with DC and other artists who appear in Kramers Ergot 7
Translations - Eightball (Editions Cornelius-2009): Contents nearly identical to Twentieth Century Eightball
Illustrations - s&n bookplate of Ugly Girls panel for French Eightball, 2009

Prose - Oakland Tribune (1/13/09):
Clowes on Obama

Illustrations - Newsweek: Commemorative Inaugural Edition (1.27.09): full-page color portrait of Barack Obama
Eisner 1 (2008): translation of Art School Confidential
Best Erotic Comics (2008):  I think this reprints a section from David Boring . . .

Mini Comics - Frumpy 1 (10/19/91): back cover credits DC with Gary Leib, Terry Laban, David G., Jeff E and Liz [I'm not sure who the last 3 are; perhaps David G. is David Greenberger]
Exhibitions - Ten in One Gallery (c.1992): cARToonist (with Chris Ware, Gary Leib, Doug Allen, Heather McAdams)
Illustrations - Ten in One Gallery (c.1992): for the show cARToonist (with Chris Ware, Gary Leib, Doug Allen, Heather McAdams) the artists collaborated on title lettering of "Cartoonist"


Stories - Mister Wonderful: I added a list of all of the chapters and dates to the stories page
Stories - Kramers Ergot 7 (2008): Sawdust
Stories - An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, & True Stories (8.08): Joe Bristol Board
Stories - An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, & True Stories (8.08): Jimmy Jupiter, Galactic Pedant
Stories - An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, & True Stories (8.08): Ivan Brunetti
Stories - An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, & True Stories (8.08): reprints Blue Italian Shit and excerpts from Ice Haven
Stories - Ghost World: Special Edition (Summer 08): Where are They Now?
Stories - Ghost World: Special Edition (Summer 08): Ghost World (back cover)
Uncollected - added the above stories to the uncollected page
Illustrations - An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, & True Stories (8.08): DC front and back covers
Collections - Ghost World: Special Edition (Summer 08): includes GW comic and screenplay; annotations by DC; cover gallery
                         and sketchbook material; and all published drawings of the GW main characters

Material About - HeraldNet (8/20/08): DC interview - http://www.heraldnet.com/article/20080829/ENT/708299884
Prose - DC provides a back cover blurb for Jim Woodring's The Portable Frank

Translations - Svet Duhov [?-2007]: I don't know what language this version of Ghost World is in . . .
Collections - Starting in 6/08 select copies of DC books ordered from the publisher came with a signed (not numbered) bookplate that is inserted
                         (not fixed) into the collection: The current PB editions of GW (15th), C (4th), LVG (7th), P! (3rd) and TCE (3rd) have a bookplate that uses an
                         image from its respective comic.

Forthcoming - An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, & True Stories (8.08): DC front-back covers and 3 strips - also reprints Blue Italian Shit
                            and excerpts from Ice Haven
Forthcoming - Little Enid Doll (2008?): giant-size version from from Presspop
Illustrations - The New Yorker (5/12/08): each copy has two DC covers
Illustrations - Krazy! The Delirious World Of Anime + Comics + Video Games + Art (5/08): catalog for this show features art from DC's cover for Caricature pb.
                          This illustration or portions of it appear on promo material: posters, buttons, billboards, etc . . .
Not on Paper - OK Soda (1994): mobile that includes the DC can with boy art
Not on Paper - Mythbusters (2007): DC draws the title design for an episode of this TV show [video available on YouTube]
Not on Paper - Apple computer (c. 2006): A commercial features DC [video available on YouTube]
Not on Paper - Chocoolate (2007-8): Hong Kong clothing company uses DC's character David Boring and art from this book in a promo campaign.
                             Art appears on store window displays, trucker cap, website . . .
Not on Paper - The Simpsons (2007): The episode features some DC drawings of various Bat-utility belts - perhaps they were redrawn by the animators . . .
Stories - Planet (1/92): Zerrit - 3 panel strip drawn by DC and written by Koo in a Chicago newspaper, Planet

Illustrations - Deep Girl 3 (1993): this Ariel Bordeaux comic has a DC doodle
Not on Paper - OK Soda (1994): shoelaces with DC art 

About - Onion AV Club (1/04/08): expanded version of interview that appeared in 11/29/07 Bay Area print version of Onion
Stories - The Book of Other People (1/08): a new 4 page DC story Justin M. Damiano appears in this collection edited by Zadie Smith
Exhibitions -
Pierre Menard Gallery (12/15/07-1/27/08): The Writer's Brush - with others


About - Onion AV Club (San Francisco) (11/29/07): DC interview

About - Leader Post (11/20/07): DC discusses his appearance on The Simpsons

DC appears as himself as a guest voice on The Simpsons episode Husbands and Knives

Illustrations - Renegade 9 (1988?): this zine uses lettering and an image by DC that would later be the cover to The Adventures of Tad Martin 3 (1992)

About -
World Art (4/96): DC feature

About - New York Times Blog Papercuts (8/24/07): DC speaks on upcoming projects
- New York Times Sunday Magazine: Starting 9.16,  a DC story titled "Mister Wonderful" begins a 20-week serialization       

Illustrations - StudioVoice 379 (6/07): DC cover on this Japanese media magazine - uses part of the last panel from page 1 of Green Eyeliner (Esquire 7/98) (C)

Many pages now have the entries divided into sections based on years - this should make these pages easier to read; see here.

About - LA Times (4/29/07): DC talks briefly on Frankenstein cover - http://www.latimes.com/features/books/la-bkw-rayner29apr29,0,7199951.story?coll=la-home-right1
Forthcoming - Ghost World: The Special Edition (02/08): 232 page hardcover - text of GW, cover gallery, etc . . .

Forthcoming - Clowes's Frankenstein cover: http://www.amazon.com/Frankenstein-Classics-Deluxe-Penguin-Editio/dp/0143105035

Translations - Contents of David Boring and Other Stories [Coconino-2006]: volume 9 of a graphic novel library. Includes in Italian the full text of DB, 
          an interview with DC, and introductory essays. Includes unpublished color roughs of color two-page illustrations in DB, and translations of
          6 other DC stories: Caricature, MCMXLVI, Blue Italian Shit, Gold Mommy, Green Eyeliner, and Art School Confidential.
Translations - Ice Haven [Reservior-2006]: in Spanish

Material About - Dial M For Motherfucker 3 (3/92): zine apparently contains DC interview
Illustrations - Mr. Nostalgia's Wonky Comics Catalog  (1995): apparently contains DC art originally published in David Tosh's convention minicomics

Translations - Lloyd Llewellyn 2 [2007]: 148 page collection in Spanish from Lacupula - http://www.lacupula.com/web/articulo.do?idArt=1005
Immortal, Invisible (2007?): A video adaptation of the DC story - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UazvHGzqdY

Material About - Quidnunc 1 (Winter 1989): interview takes place before the release of Eightball 1
Forthcoming - Stuck in the Middle: 17 Comics from an Unpleasant Age (5/17/07): this collection from Viking Juvenile reprints 'Like a Weed, Joe' (E16)
Translations - Pussey! [Rackham-2006]: uses the new cover and introduction from the 3rd US edition

Illustrations - Big Yeah 7 (4/87): DC logo lettering and cover illustration on this zine 
Illustrations - Art School Confidential [print set - ed. of 5] (5/06): set contains 4 prints (pages 1-4 of the story ASC) - 12 x 18.75 - prints are detailed facsimiles of the
        original art as it looks in 2006, with all of the fading, pencil marks, changes, smudges, etc - Produced for show in May-June 2006 at Lizabeth Oliveria Gallery
Illustrations - End of I. (2006): DC image for this Stephen Dixon novel is silk-screened on cover - same art was used for Dixon's I. - new version is colored differently
Illustrations - Sound Affects 6 (c.1987): one panel Lloyd Llewellyn comic in this zine
Illustrations - Manual Scan (c.1990): http://www.theshambles.net/Art.htm - images appears on the CD Plan of Action The Best of Manual Scan (1996)
Illustrations - The Shambles (1991): flyer illustration for an appearance by The Shambles at the New Sounds Festival
Illustrations - Postcard (2001): http://4x6-art.com/GALLERY-ONE
Illustrations - Sketch: http://www.t-3.de/viewer.htm?Pictures/Galerie/DClowes1.jpg
Illustrations - Sketch: http://www.t-3.de/viewer.htm?Pictures/Galerie/DClowes2.jpg
Not on Paper - The Fantagraphics Store (2006): The logo for the store was not designed by DC, but its central image is a DC drawing of Dan Pussey.
Stories - An Anthology of Graphic Fiction, Cartoons, and True Stories (2006): Gynecology (E17)
Material About - Chicago Tribune (1/3/07): feature on Peanuts Museum has DC quotes
Material About - Cartoonist and Comic Artist Magazine 9 (1996): feature on DC + sidebar on his use of zipatone 
Material About - Metro Active (10/11/06): DC interview http://www.metroactive.com/metro/10.11.06/daniel-clowes-0641.html 
Material About - RUSirius Radio (5/10/06): interview with Zwigoff then DC - http://www.rusiriusradio.com/2006/05/10/art-school-confidential/
Material About - PBS (7/06): interview - http://www.pbs.org/pov/pov2006/tintinandi/special_artists.html 
Material About - Chronic'Art (6/06): interview - http://www.chronicart.com/print/print26.htm
Material About - Drinks With Tony (5/13/06): http://www.drinkswithtony.com/danclowes.html
Material About - Hero Spy (5/5/06): http://www.herospy.com/?p=870
Material About - Comikaze 3 (1991): interview
Material About - Mr. Skin (7/06): interview http://www.mrskin.com/Skinterviews/137/index.htm
Material About - San Diego Tribune (7/16/06): feature - http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/features/20060716-9999-lz1a16clowes.html
Material About - Chick Factor 15 (2002): 'listening room' interview with DC and others - http://www.chickfactor.com/back/cf15_literaryjukebox.shtml
Translations - Ice Haven [Editions Cornelius-2006]
Translations - Caricature [Rackham-2006]
Translations - Pussey! [Lacupula-2006] this 2nd version of Pussey! from Spanish publisher Lacupula uses the cover for the 3rd US edition
Translations - David Boring and Other Stories [Coconino-2006]: volume 9 of a graphic novel library
Translations - Lloyd Llewellyn [Lacupula-2006]
Prose - Chewing Gum in Church (2006): DC provides a back cover blurb for this Steven Weissman book
Prose - The Fun Never Stops! An Anthology of Comic Art, 1991-2006 (10/06): DC provides a back cover blurb for this Drew Friedman collection

Exhibitions - Society of Illustrators (9/27/06-?): Fantagraphics 1976-2006 - with other artists
Exhibitions  - Fantagraphics Bookstore (12/2/06-2/4/07): Fantagraphics Books: 30 Years of Misfit Lit - with others
Art School Confidential Movie Information - Art School Confidential (10/10/06): DVD 
Ghost World Movie Information - http://www.ghostworld-themovie.com/ back online
Forthcoming - Kramers Ergot (2007?): DC will appear in issue 7
Forthcoming - Comics as Art (2007): DC cover for this Fantagraphics oral history see -http://www.fantagraphics.com/blog/uploaded_images/FBICVR-Colors-739730.jpg
Forthcoming - The Death  Ray (TBA): DC to write the script, Jack Black to produce - see http://comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=15567
Forthcoming - David Boring (Spring 2007): German translation release date postponed until 2007
Forthcoming - Frankenstein (2007?): DC cover on the Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition 
Forthcoming - The Book of Other People (summer/fall 2007): a new 4 page DC comic in this collection edited by Zadie Smith


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