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Comic Books - information on issues of Eightball and Lloyd Llewellyn.
Books / Collections
- information on books, single-story collections, and anthologies.
Stories in Non-DC Titles - stories/strips by DC (or that DC co-created) published outside of DC's comic books/collections.
Illustrations on Paper - covers (magazine/albums/CDs/etc) and illustrations in comics/books/magazine, prints, posters, etc.
Illustrations / Designs Not on Paper - objects that have DC illustrations or are designed by DC.
Mini Comics
- mini comics and mini comic collaborations.
- screenplays, writing about comics/cartoonists/artists, blurbs for other artists, and letters.
- material related to Ghost World,
Art School Confidential, and other movie projects.
Translations and Foreign Editions - translations and other non-US publications of stories.
Material about DC - interviews, features, online interviews, select reviews, select mentions, etc.
Exhibitions - exhibitions/gallery shows in which DC's original art was displayed.
Forthcoming - material to be released.

  The three sections below present information from some of the above categories in a different form:

Stories in Eightball, Lloyd Llewellyn, and DC Collections - alphabetical, cross-referenced list of stories.
Uncollected Stories - list of stories/strips that have never been collected.
Chronological List of DC's Work in Cracked Magazine - list of stories in Cracked.


Missing Information - list of items for which I am missing some information.

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